Experience and Training

Mediation and Conflict Resolution Experience

Hundreds of private clients have employed me as their mediator, from all over the United States.

Court Clients

These Courts have appointed me to handle mediation matters for them over the years.

  • Santa Clara County Superior Civil Court
  • Santa Clara County Superior Family Court (Family Law ADR-Mediation, Settlement Pro Tem, Special Master, Arbitration)
  • Northern District of California – Bankruptcy Dispute Resolution Panel
  • Santa Clara County Small Claims Court ADR
  • San Joaquin County Court Small Claims
  • Stanislaus County Small Claims Court

Institutional Clients

Part of my experience has been with working with nonprofit agencies in the services they provide.

  • Legal Aid Society – Santa Clara County
  • Better Business Bureau (commercial disputes)
  • Project Sentinel (real estate and landlord/tenant)
  • Santa Clara County Department of Human Relations
  • Victim/Offender Mediation Program (criminal restitution)
  • Los Gatos Rental Dispute Resolution Program
  • Unity Worldwide Ministries Peacekeeper
  • Miscellaneous other nonprofit organizations and churches

Special Master, Litigation and Arbitration Experience

Over 20 years of experience has allowed me to assist people in many different situations in conflict resolution and to develop my virtual mediation process.

  • Admitted to California Bar 1986
  • Lead trial attorney 36 jury trials
  • Lead attorney several dozen court trials
  • Judge Pro Tem Superior Court
  • Court Ordered Arbitrator/Special Master Superior Court

Formal California Mediation Training and ADR Training

Use virtual divorce mediation to resolve your case and know that you’re in the right hands. The following mediation training assure the quality of our service.

  • Co-Mediator Skills Training – Dept. of H.R. Santa Clara County, California (40 hrs)
  • Special Master Training – Santa Clara Bar Association (8 hrs)
  • Training for Commercial Mediators – ADRA (40 hrs)
  • Mediation Practice – Santa Clara Law School (64 hrs)
  • Advanced Training – Academy of Family Mediators (8 hrs)
  • Effective Listening Course – Xerox (12 hrs)
  • Basic Communication in Stressful Situations- Process Therapy Institute (PTI)(4 hrs)
  • Introduction to Process Therapy Training (PTI) (21 hrs)
  • Advanced Process Therapy Training (PTI) (40 hrs)
  • Mediation Training – Better Business Bureau (3 hrs)
  • Dynamics of Male/Female Relationships – Hendrix Institute for Relationships (30 hrs)
  • Mediation Center of San Joaquin County (40 hrs)
  • Unity Worldwide Ministries -Peacekeeping and Mediation Training (75 hrs)
  • UWM-Credentialed Leader Minister/Ministry Review Process (20 hrs)
  • Compassionate Communication Trainings (AKA NVC) (25 hrs)
  • Other miscellaneous courses (excess of 130 hours)