Common Mediation Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about mediation and about my practice of mediation. We can assist couples from all across the country in the divorce mediation process.


Not at all, so long as it is generally legal and ethical. I mediate some situations where the law is unclear and the parties want to create their own standards. In addition, we can craft any settlement that works, as opposed to a Court mandated settlement which is often a harsh money judgment.

I am available for weekend and evening follow up appointments as well as for email correspondence. I schedule my initial mediation session for normal business hours.

The transaction costs for lawyers is very high compared to mediation. Face-to-face mediation eliminates about half of the time, and 3/4 of the cost in resolving a typical dispute.

In California, the divorce process lasts at a minimum of one day longer than six months. In many cases, I am able to help the couple resolve all matters in one mediation session. Then they never need to deal with one another again. But, they must cooperate to get the correct legal papers filed on time and in the correct fashion.

Timewise, I schedule at your convenience; I have even done mediations on Christmas Day for clients who needed immediate help. In terms of pacing, we move at the pace agreed upon by the parties. Some cases are on a strict time line, others progress according to the emotional bandwidth of the parties.

Not long, usually within a few days to a week, depending on how booked my schedule is.

To an extent the parties control how long a divorce proceeding will last. Some couples want to separate their personal and financial lives, but not finalize their divorce for some reason or another and so take their time finalizing their divorce.

I have worked with some couples with major debt and tax problems who