My passion for mediation evolved out of my successful law practice. More than 20 years ago, I discovered that I enjoyed resolving conflict far more than I enjoyed litigation.

I came to see conflict as an opportunity for deeper understanding, growth and peaceful outcomes.

My skill level increased, my experience grew, and eventually I closed my law practice to focus on mediation. I believe that I have exceptional experience and skills in resolving conflict and am available to help you regardless of where you live in the United States.

Shifting from Litigation to Mediation I Have:

  • Resolved well over a thousand disputes for individuals, corporations, churches, and nonprofit agencies.
  • Received recognition for my service in settling suits in both Federal and State Courts.
  • Taught classes on communication and conflict resolution and I have trained other lawyers and mediators in how to facilitate settlements.
  • Been interviewed on TV and spoken at seminars and given talks in other venues on mediation and the principles of conflict resolution.
  • Led workshops on “gender reconciliation” as well as other topics related to conflict resolution.
  • Completed more than 350 hours of formal mediation-related training. This includes active listening skills enhancement, interviewing techniques and mediation role-plays and simulations.

Education and Training

Formal Education

  • J.D. Santa Clara Law School 1985
  • B.S. Business Administration Indiana University 1976

Formal Mediation and ADR Training

  • Commercial Mediator Training – ADRA (40 hrs)
  • Co-Mediator Training – S.C. Dept. of Human Resources (40 hrs)
  • Advanced Training – Academy of Family Mediators (8 hrs)
  • Mediation and Counseling – Santa Clara Law School (64 hrs)
  • Communication Course – Process Therapy Institute (PTI)(4 hrs)
  • Introduction to Process Therapy Training (PTI) (21 hrs)
  • Advanced Process Therapy Training (PTI) (40 hrs)
  • Effective Listening Course – Xerox (12 hrs)
  • Mediation Training – Better Business Bureau (3 hrs)
  • Co-Creative Relationships – Hendrix Institute for Relationships (30 hrs)
  • Special Master Training – Santa Clara Bar Association (8 hrs)
  • Mediation Center of San Joaquin County (40 hrs)
  • Association of Unity Churches International -Peacekeeping and Mediation Training (75 hrs)
  • AUCI-Credentialed Leader Minister/Ministry Review Process (20 hrs)
  • Nonviolent Communication Trainings (various) (25 hrs)
  • Other miscellaneous courses (excess of 130 hours)


Special Master, Litigation and Arbitration Experience

  • Lead Trial Attorney 36 Jury Trials
  • Multiple dozens of Court Trials and Arbitrations
  • Appointed Judge Pro Tem Superior Court
  • Appointed Court Ordered Arbitrator/Special Master Superior Court

Mediation and Conflict Resolution Experience

I have represented well over 500 private mediation clients. Institutional clients include:

  • Santa Clara County Superior Civil Court – (Civil ADR and ENE)
  • Santa Clara County Superior Family Court (Family Law ADR-Mediation, Settlement Pro Tem, Special Master, Arbitration)
  • Northern District of California – Bankruptcy Dispute Resolution Panel
  • Santa Clara County Small Claims Court
  • Stanislaus County Small Claims Court
  • San Joaquin County Small Claims Court
  • Santa Clara County Department of Human Relations – (ADR and Victim/Offender Mediation)
  • Santa Clara Legal Aid Society – (landlord/tenant)
  • Program Department of Human Relations – Santa Clara County
  • Legal Aid Society – Santa Clara County (landlord/tenant)
  • Better Business Bureau (commercial disputes)
  • Project Sentinel (real estate and landlord/tenant)
  • Victim Offender Mediation Program (criminal restitution)
  • Los Gatos Rental Dispute Resolution Program
  • Association of Unity Churches International Peacekeeper
  • Miscellaneous other nonprofit organizations and churches