Peaceful Conflict Resolution

Conflict and litigation can be disruptive and costly, especially in divorce and family matters. When emotions run high and the challenges are complex, a skilled professional mediator like John Butler can prove to be valuable in the divorce process.

Are you ready to take control of the conflict and your life as you negotiate a fair settlement peacefully, efficiently and affordably?

Put John’s 20 years of experience and extensive training and years of experience to work for you.

Who can Benefit From my Mediation Process?

  • Time-crunched  Professionals  – There is no need for you to schedule trips to court.

  • Busy Parents – Using my system, it is much easier to maintain your your current obligations as a parent since scheduling is so much easier with less parties involved.
  • Those in high conflict relationships – The structure of mediation can keep you and your spouse apart.

  • Those in different locations – Mediation can save you time and money if you are living in different cities or states.

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