Instinctively, most large businesses have a lawyer on staff or on retainer and promptly resort to the threat of litigation when there is a difficulty with a customer or vendor.

I would suggest that a lawyer should only be brought in as a last resort because lawyers, or the threat of litigation escalates matters to the point where there is often a breakdown in the B2B relationship.

Smaller businesses are often more reluctant to bring in a lawyer because they know the cost incurred from a damaged or a lost B2B relationship is very high. Admittedly, they are also well aware of the out-of-pocket dollar costs in hiring an attorney to do anything.

The solution is to use mediation. The key is that by utilizing mediation to peacefully resolve a dispute the primary business relationship can be salvaged and in many cases improved. Most businesses run into problems with a key supplier or customer every now and then. Usually these difficulties can be mended informally, but at times an outside expert can be helpful by providing mediation and conciliation services.

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I can help with face-to-face individual mediation, group mediation and/or phone conciliation sessions to resolve commercial conflicts.

Bringing in a lawyer may be the correct decision, but it also escalates the tension in the business relationship which is irrevocable. I can work with lawyers if they are involved, and I can also work with the parties directly to efficiently and privately settle disputes if lawyers are not wanted.

I practice mediation in all 50 states and have not only handled thousands of mediation cases over the past 20 years but have taught seminars and appeared on numerous panels sharing my expertise.

Feel free to call me or use my contact form to request a free consultation to find out if your situation can be positively affected through mediation.