With the advent of modern technology, mediation can now be done virtually. Today, you can resolve conflicts and develop understanding at reduced costs and disruption. Here is what to expect in divorce mediation? At Virtual Divorce Mediation, we allow you to structure your divorce the way you want it. When you access our service, you are getting the following benefits.

  • Parties have the autonomy to craft settlement terms that suit their needs or circumstances
  • Mediation is far more economical than hiring lawyers and going to court with better results. Over 98% of lawsuits eventually settle.
  • Parties can avoid escalating conflict using mediation. Hiring lawyers is typically seen by the other party as threatening.
  • Parties creatively customize both the process and the result to maximize their mutual well-being.
  • Parties convene as circumstances warrant, including evening and weekend sessions.
  • California litigation accentuates power imbalances and conflict, whereas mediation facilitates conciliation and continued relationship.
  • Mediation helps facilitate consensus by creating fair-minded flow of information and communication.
  • What is shared in a formal mediation is confidential by law.
  • An objective, third-party mediator is neutral and can help the parties move past an adversarial posture into a more open and productive stance. A good mediator will help maintain a power balance which enhances the prospect for resolution.

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The cost benefits of virtual divorce mediation are substantial as well. You will be surprised at how cost-effective mediation can be when compared to the traditional, court-focused divorce alternative.

I practice mediation in all 50 states and have not only handled thousands of mediation cases over the past 20 years but have taught seminars and appeared on numerous panels sharing my expertise.

Feel free to call me or use my contact form to request a free consultation to find out if your situation can be positively affected through mediation.